The ALVIN Cruise

The ALVIN Cruise

The ALVIN Cruise to 9°N in 2000 (my first deep-sea voyage)

We left port from San Diego, CA to begin a five day ride to 9°N latitude. We were to stay on site for 11 days and then cruise into port in Manzanillo, Mexico to fly home.

The begining of the journey to a depth of 2500 meters. The A-frame lifts Alvin off of the deck and lowers it over the fantail of the R/V Atlantis.

Various instruments and the “coffin” on the front sled of Alvin. The face secured on the lid of the coffin was made from mud brought up from the previous dive. It is about to return to the depths from which it came.

No turning back now! At this point, the pilot Steve was fishing for his Enya CD for the 1 1/2 hour descent. Yes, Alvin has a very nice stereo system. We were encouraged to bring a few of our favorites with us. Enya did set a nice mood for a first descent though.

Right of passage… Everyone gets soaked as they return from the first dive, and yes, that’s ice water.

Now this was supposed to be warm water from the hose, but since the first bath was really no surprise, there had to be a second.